Cookie Cookie Everywhere


Cookie Cookie on my wall who is the tastiest of them all ?.. continue reading..

divider Chocolate Shell Butter Cookies



Well these is nothing more to say about these,the pictures talk by them self and try are enough to get your taste buds tingling.. continue reading…


Best Cake Recipes


Finding a perfect recipe of cake is always hard and time consuming. So to make your life a little easier i asked a bunch of bakers to provide me with there favorite cake recipe..continue reading..


Date Cake

Soft, Warm. Sweet. Delicious.


ANOTHER CAKE !What is she thinking. This might look like an ordinary cake you see everyday but believe me it’s not. As the saying goes never judge a book by its cover, My version it never judge a cake.. continue reading… 


One Lovely Blog Award !


Sweet Spell got nominated.

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Giant Cookies


These giant cookies are just delicious , soft from the center and crispy on the sides . In less than 15 minutes you can have a delicious warm , soft cookie to enjoy all by your self .

Now that is what I LOVE .

It’s so easy to put together these cookies no machine , no cups , no waiting. All you need is a bowl, wooden spoon and a tablespoon…Continue reading...



Crispy. Flaky. Sugary .Buttery Goodness.


Baklava is a middle eastern dessert, layers of dough filled with nuts, covered with butter and drowned in simple syrup. Sounds delicious. RIGHT ?

But wait, forget about the nuts and and imagine cheese like filling instead. Cheese, sugar, butt…. Continue reading..


Chicken Tikka Braid


There always should be a little salt and spice in life to overcome the truck load of sugar we bakers use in a month. Some might get a calorie stroke just by calculating the amount of sugar….. Continue reading..


Crazy Yeast Dough

I have been trying for weeks to bring you the perfect all-rounder dough that will answer any baking bread questions.It’s not hard or impossible to bake bread . All there is a little chemistry of every ingredient you put in.

Let begin shall we ?

The key ingredient to any dough is the yeast , it should be fresh and alive for a tasty dough…. Continue reading..



The Healthy Cookie

Oatmeal. Nuts. Raw sugar. Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate-chip cookie2

Oatmeal-nut chip cookie = The Healthy Cookie.

There is something for everyone to love about these cookies. Chocolate lovers will indulge in the chocolate chip, health conscious will love the addition of oats and raw sugar. the best cookie to dunk in milk…. Continue reading..


The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate-chip cookie

Nearly everyone has their favorite type of chocolate chip cookie recipe some life them soft and chewy and some crispy and then there is my type of people who can never be happy with 1 thing. For me a perfect chocolate chip cookie is the crispy crunchy edges and a tiny bit soft in the center and slightly chewy….. Continue reading..


Peaches and Cream Tart


Fruit in dessert just mean you have a reason to say I m eating fruit so its healthy right !


I know summer is almost gone but who can resist peaches and cream when they can be this pretty

Even ever I look my heart just goes…. Continue reading..


Ohh! Not So Buttery Croissant

Warm. Delicious. Fluffy. Croissants

croissant (4)

Traditional croissant require a lot of waiting , chilling and rolling, whereas this recipe is easy to make and you will have delicious warn, buttery croissants in your belly in less…. Continue reading..


Orange Cake With Flowers


The soft, buttery orange cake , filled with white chocolate mousse , topped with a simple glaze and fondant flowers I am salivating already…… Continue reading..


Fennel Biscuits


Adding a little salt (more than a little) in somethings does wonder . The perfect partner for tea are my fennel biscuits, they are soft and buttery just like a shortbread biscuits yet the salt and fennel cut through the richness of these making them the ultimate savory sweet thing…. Continue reading..


Black Magic Brownies


Witch’s do all kinds of magic ! While messing around in the kitchen with a basic Brownie recipe, some black magic ingredients , a trusty old black pot and some magical word these deep dark fudge…. Continue reading..



Cinnamon Swirl Donuts


Cinnamon rolls has always been my guilty pleasure and donuts as well. After long thinking and failing multiple times at last I have a recipe to satisfy my craving of both of them together and to justify myself eating more than these are a little healthy donuts are baked instant of fried. The aroma of cinnamon with the light…. Continue reading..



 Coffee Bean Cookies


Are you craving chocolate and coffee together? Well i am, and these cute little coffee bean biscuits are my craving enders , or are they . The combination of melted chocolate and cocoa powder with a hint of coffee make these biscuits to hard to leave. I can imagine myself with a jar of these and hot coffee, or maybe a tub of ice… Continue reading