Giant Cookies

Are you craving sweets ? What if i say in 15 minutes you will have a fresh-baked soft cookie to enjoy all by yourself. Now you don’t have to make a dozen cookies just to eat 1 or 2.


Does everyone in your family has a different cookie favorite now that’s a whole another world of mess, imagine making 3 different cookie flavor and having the rest 20 lying around to get soggy .


So many problems just for a cookie.

Well the cookie fairy is here now to answer all your cookie needs.

These giant cookies are just delicious , soft from the center and crispy on the sides . In less than 15 minutes you can have a delicious warm , soft cookie to enjoy all by your self .

Now that is what I LOVE .

It’s so easy to put together these cookies no machine , no cups , no waiting. All you need is a bowl, wooden spoon and a tablespoon that’s it. Who said baking has to be messy and  a dish cleaning job after that.


The cookie starts with a simple creaming butter and sugar together adding in egg and then the fun part create any cookie you feel like that time.

I have got 3 classic recipes for you . So everyone could enjoy something.

Giant Chocolate Brownie Cookie

Giant Burnt Butter Oat Cookie

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie





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