Best Cake Recipes

Finding a perfect recipe of cake is always hard and time consuming. So to make your life a little easier i asked a bunch of bakers to provide me with there favorite cake recipe and here they are. Honey Mandarin Orange Cake   Orange and Chia Cake with Sugared Rosemary   Date Cake       … More Best Cake Recipes

Date Cake

Soft, Warm. Sweet. Delicious.   Every Baker has a secret ingredient for a soft and delicious cake. I m sharing mine with you today but first let me get you drooling over this cake. ANOTHER CAKE !What is she thinking. This might look like an ordinary cake you see everyday but believe me it’s not. … More Date Cake

One Lovely Blog Award !

YAAYY !! Sweet Spell got nominated for one lovely blog award. Thank you so much Utkarshini from Binding Curry for nominating my blog. Here are the rules to accept this nomination. Write a post to accept this nomination. Thank the person who nominated you and mention their blog link. List 7 things about yourself. Mention the links … More One Lovely Blog Award !

Giant Cookies

Are you craving sweets ? What if i say in 15 minutes you will have a fresh-baked soft cookie to enjoy all by yourself. Now you don’t have to make a dozen cookies just to eat 1 or 2. Or Does everyone in your family has a different cookie favorite now that’s a whole another … More Giant Cookies


Crispy. Flaky. Sugary .Buttery Goodness. Baklava is a middle eastern dessert, layers of dough filled with nuts, covered with butter and drowned in simple syrup. Sounds delicious. RIGHT ? But wait, forget about the nuts and and imagine cheese like filling instead. Cheese, sugar, butter , flaky pastry. I can see you DROOLING now. If … More Baklava